Monday, August 29, 2016

2016 Presidential Spotlight: Jennifer Ashman of Alpha Xi Delta

Meet Jennifer Ashman, the 2016 president of Alpha Xi Delta! Jennifer is a senior from Grayson, Georgia, majoring in healthcare administration. Besides being president of Alpha Xi, she has been involved with Freshmen Forum, This is Auburn as assistant director, Big Event, Student Recruiters, War Eagle Girls and Plainsmen, and the Recreation and Wellness Center as a supervisor.  We asked her about herself, and here's what she said:

What's your favorite part about being president of your sorority?
Getting to see the ins and out of all the other exec members' roles. We're used to seeing the end result, but I enjoy getting to help all of them behind the scenes.

What are some of your favorite things to receive as gifts?
Anything Auburn, Tervis tumblers, and Chipotle giftcards. 

Describe your sorority in three words:
Easygoing, genuine, and outgoing.

If you're famous one day, what would it be for?

Building medical clinics in third world countries.

Why did you choose Auburn?
The Creed and the Auburn family!

Saturday, August 6, 2016

2016 Head Pi Chi & Assistant Head Pi Chi's

Taylor Horton is serving as Head Pi Chi.

Taylor is a senior from Birmingham, Alabama, studying Rehabilitation and Disability Studies. As Head Pi Chi, she was in charge of selecting and training all 109 Pi Chi's to make sure they are prepared to handle any situation they may encounter during recruitment week to ensure that all the girls in their group have the best first week possible at Auburn. She wanted to serve in this role to be a rock to each Pi Chi and wanted to teach them how to grow, encourage, be thoughtful, and help their girls find their best fit.

Her favorite recruitment memory was as a Pi Chi watching her girls' reactions as they all opened their bids and ran to their new homes! She said, "There is no greater feeling than being the one to get your girls through all the trials of the week and to see it all pay off once they open their bid!"

Her advice to a Potential New Member is "Don't try to fit in with a sorority and be someone you're not! Make the sorority get to know you and make the sorority fit in with you. If you spend the whole week being someone you aren't to fit in with a sorority; on bid day you're going to be surrounded by tons of girls who aren't like you. This is your college experience, and the next four years are yours to make them what you want! Start off by joining a sorority that makes you feel confident and loved and that brings out the best side of you!"

Karly Devole is an Assistant Head Pi Chi.

Karly is a senior from Fairhope, Alabama, majoring in Early Childhood Education. In her role, she helps Taylor with overseeing all the wonderful Pi Chi's.

When asked about her favorite recruitment memory, she said, "My Pi Chi! She made the week so much easier. She knew all the right things and said them at the right time. I swore up and down that if I found out her sorority than that was the one I wanted to be in. In the end, her sorority was not the place for me, which was perfectly fine because I ended up where I belonged."

Her advice to a PNM is "Have your own little value-based list of questions to ask the sororities on longer days. For you to go in and ask some questions about them and how they view the sorority can help keep the members interested and remember you! (It can also help you know whether or not its the place for you.)"

Elizabeth Cowen is also an Assistant Head Pi Chi.

Elizabeth is a senior from Birmingham, AL, majoring in Nursing. Along with Karly and Taylor, she is responsible for training the Pi Chi's, planning their week, and organizing their and PNM's schedules.

When asked about her favorite recruitment memory, she said, "When I was a Pi Chi last year, my birthday fell during recruitment week. The PNM's in my Pi Chi group surprised me with presents and a cookie cake, and it truly made my whole week."

Her advice to a Potential New Member is "Auburn is huge, and each of you will find your place and truly love it no matter where you end up. I will be praying for each of you as you go through the week. At times I felt that recruitment shifted my focus to areas that were scary or overwhelming, and it made me lose sight of the bigger picture. Trust that you are placed here for a reason. Recruitment is a wonderful way to get involved and offers endless opportunities and valuable friendships. Get excited for an awesome week!"

Thursday, August 4, 2016

2016 Director of Continuous Open Bidding

Emily Browning is serving as Director of Continuous Open Bidding.

Emily is a senior from Roswell, Georgia, majoring in nursing. As Director of Continuous Open Bidding, she works with chapters participating in COB and helps coordinate with girls who are looking to join a sorority, mainly in the Spring. When asked why she wanted to serve in this role, she said, "I've loved my time as a Greek woman, and I love the opportunity to help out women who want to experience Greek life potentially get that chance. I believe Greek life has something to offer for everyone, and I know personally, I've grown so much over the last three years because of it."

When she went through recruitment, her funniest memory is going into parties, while it was pouring rain outside, and her hair dripping onto the chapter rooms' floors as she was soaking wet. Her favorite memory was running home to her future big on Bid Day.

Her advice to a Potential New Member is "Be yourself! The girls you are meeting during the parties are probably just as nervous- if not more than you. Let them see how wonderful you are and what all you have to offer."

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

2016 Recruitment Computer Analyst & Assistant Recruitment Computer Analyst

Su Jin Park is serving as our Recruitment Computer Analyst.

Su Jin is a senior from Greenville, South Carolina, studying public relations. As Recruitment Computer Analyst, she will coordinate the bid matching system to place PNM's in their new sororities. She wanted to serve in this role because she wanted to be able to experience the outside perspective of recruitment and help PNM's go through of a week full of excitement and to welcome them to their home away from home.

Her favorite recruitment memory was waiting with the PNM's as they waited to open their bids and then watching their faces light up when they opened them. It showed that all of her work with Panhellenic paid off. 

Her advice for Potential New Members is "Everyday is a new day. Love yourself, and be confident with who you are!"

Susan Purvis is serving as Assistant Recruitment Computer Analyst.

Susan is a junior from Huntsville, Alabama, majoring in nursing. In her role, she'll help Su Jin coordinate the bid system. When asked why she wanted to serve in this role, she said, "I met such incredible women when I came to Auburn and went through recruitment. This really drove me to want to become a part of something bigger than just my sorority. I  wanted to help serve all the incredible women of Auburn's sororities. I also love the behind the scenes of recruitment and learning how everything works." 

When going through recruitment, her funniest memory is when her foot fell asleep during a party as she was sitting down to watch a video, and when she went to stand, she fell down. Her favorite memory is Bid Day and getting to run to her new home. 

Her advice to a PNM is "Be yourself, and wear comfortable shoes. The girls you're going to talk to really want to get to know you, so don't be afraid to direct the conversation and talk about what you want these girls to know about you!"

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

2016 Director of Recruitment Media

Hannah Gornto is serving as Director of Recruitment Media.

Hannah is a junior from Fort Walton Beach, Florida, studying public relations. In her role, she helps out with social media that pertains to recruitment such as the Pinterest page. She also made the Recruitment handbook Potential New Members will be using throughout the week.

Hannah wanted to serve in this role because she wanted to use her major to help girls find their Auburn home. When going through, her favorite memory is opening her bid. When asked what her funniest memory was, she responded, "I spilled water in not one, not two, but seven different parties."

Her advice to a Potential New Member is "Have fun!!! This week isn't supposed to be scary. Just relax, and enjoy every second of it."

Monday, August 1, 2016

2016 Assistant Vice President of Recruitment

Ridley Brown is serving as Assistant Vice President of Recruitment. 

Ridley is a junior from Huntsville, Alabama, majoring in nursing. In her role, she assists Samantha Bradley, our VP of Recruitment, in any way she can. Throughout the summer, she's been working Camp War Eagle sessions, informing incoming freshmen about sorority of recruitment. Throughout the week of recruitment, she'll be running around the Village, making sure everything is running smoothly.

Ridley chose to serve in this role because she loved going through recruitment and wants to help the incoming freshmen find their home in Auburn. When asked about her favorite recruitment memory, she said, "Throughout the entire week, I got really close to several girls in my Pi Chi group. On Bid Day, we we opened our bids, I realized that three other girls in my group got the same bid as I did. We had so much fun running to the chapter room together!" 

For Potential New Members, she advised, "If you are torn between different sororities on Preference Day, look around during the party, and look at the PNM's who are in there. If you can picture yourself in a pledge class with these girls, chances are you are in the sorority that you should be a part of. I got this advice from someone at Camp War Eagle, and it was the best advice I got!"

Friday, July 29, 2016

2016 Panhellenic Vice President of Recruitment

Meet your 2016 Panhellenic Vice President of Recruitment, Samantha Bradley! Samantha is a senior from Dothan, Alabama, majoring in media studies. Besides serving as Vice President of Recruitment, she has been involved in War Eagle Productions, Impact, and Camp War Eagle as a counselor. She has also served her sorority as Recruitment Chair and Corresponding Secretary. We asked her about herself, and she said: 

What is your role as Vice President of Recruitment?
I coordinate sorority recruitment.

If you were a food, what would you be, and why?
Sloppy Joe because I'm a mess.

Funniest recruitment memory?
My legs feel asleep in a party, and I fell on the potential new member I was talking to.

What is your favorite part of being on Panhellenic exec?
Being able to serve an organization that is bigger than myself and that has helped so many people grow and learn not only new skills but about themselves. I also love hanging out in the Greek Life Office with my gal pals.